Further strengthening the capacities for effective implementation of the acquis in the field of air quality

Project results

Component 1: Strengthened capacities for the central environmental laboratory in the field of air quality measurements, emission measurements and chemical analyses related to air pollution.

The project activities in this component will support:02. Activity 1.1 Ljupco Grozdanovski and Timo Anttila

  1. Improve calibration laboratory activities and air quality monitoring;
  2. Prepare documents for the accreditation of the calibration laboratory;
  3. Introduce and develop methods for identification of chemical composition of particles and analysis of heavy metals and PAHs;
  4. Improve quality of air emission measurements.

Component 2: Strengthened capacities for performing emission inventories and dispersion modeling including exposure modeling

????????????????????????????????????The project activities in this component will support:

  1. Prepare CORINAIR Inventory and Inventory Informative Report (IIR) for 2014 and deliver it towards international organizations;
  2. Review and improve national emission reduction program and emission projections;
  3. Improve dispersion modelling to support air quality assessment.

Component 3: Air quality data management and reporting of air quality related information and use of air quality information to support environmental policy and planning and implementation of Clean Air Action Plans further improved

????????????????????????????????????The project activities in this component will support:

  1. Prepare air quality assessment for period 2010-2014;
  2. Develop and approve air quality plan per zone/agglomeration;
  3. Develop air quality web portal data management functionality improved and tool for new e-reporting regarding the obligations according EU Decision 2011/850/EU;
  4. Introduce methods for data analysis and processing in respect to quality assurance and quality control principles;
  5. Raise public awareness for the air quality issues.

Component 4: Strengthened capacities for health impact assessment of air pollution to human health


The project activities in this component will support:

  1. Develop strategy for the health impact assessment of air pollution;
  2. Introduce basic health impact assessment methodology;
  3. Prepare plan for establishing bio-monitoring regarding air pollution in the country.


  • Official closing ceremony was organised on 26th January 2017

  • Inventory for 2014 annual emissions has been reported towards UNECE/EEA

With the support of the Twinning project the national emission inventory for the year 2014 was produced. The emission inventory as well as the Inventory Informative Report (IIR) for the year 2014 were prepared and reported according to the obligations of the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (UNECE/LRTAP).
During this reporting round for the first time the historical emissions for whole trend period of 1990-2014 were calculated and reported. The quality of the inventory and IIR were improved significantly. Number of missions by emission inventory experts from Environment Agency Austria were dedicated to improve the emission inventory methodologies (gap filling, gathering of proper activity data, and determination of implied emission factors) and introduction of the key source analysis as well as trend analysis calculations. In addition the implementation of the QA/QC system in the preparation of the inventory was introduced. The emission inventory and the report for 2014 and previous years are available on the following website


  • Official opening event was organised on 9th September 2015

  • Twinning project officially started

Twinning Project ‘Further strengthening the capacities for effective implementation of the acquis in the field of air quality’ was officially started on 1st May 2015. The activities of the project to improve the air quality measurements and assessments, reporting and data management, development of emission inventories and projections as well as air quality improvement plans and health impact assessments are well under way. Further information of the project activities can be found on this website and our Facebook page